the butterfly effect -

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about the butterfly effect

Did you ever notice the flight path of a butterfly?  The way it's always so unpredictable as it twists and turns.  Did you ever notice that when people see a butterfly they usually stop in awe and, often times, point the butterfly out to those near by?  Have you ever observed how delicate yet resilient butterflies can be?

I often think of my children as butterflies.  First they were in the cocoon of my  womb and then the cocoon of our home.  With each new stage in life I see them transform, spread their wings and fly.  

I also witness this transformation in my clients and students.  They start a new wellness journey, at different stages and ages in life, and reveal a unique and unpredictable path of growth, development, self-awareness and beauty--inside and out.

I call this the butterfly effect.  What will you discover about yourself on your path?